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1. Psychic Peace Circle The former "Medial Peace Circle Berlin" (MFK) was a psychoscientic research group of a high class. The members are assembled of scientists and teachers of different faculties. The two medias began their work in the age of 15 and 17 years. The working circle published his work in the years 1955 until 1975, parts of this have been translated into six world languages.

In more than 20 years the proof has been made that it is with good medias possible to connect a contact to the WORLD PLACED ABOVE and to correspond with high TEACHERS. On these contacts it depends on to connect a constant friendship to these CHARACTERS. This succeeded especially well to that time in the MFK-Berlin. The SPIRIT-LEADERS (LIGHT MESSENGERS) have prooved their reliability and TRUTH-LOVE in many years of tight Co-operation with the life plateau on earth.

The MFK-Berlin turned against every superstition and against every abnormal cult as well as against every overacting and fanaticism on all areas. Hereby the superstition has been investigated exactly from the existent TRUTH and differentiated. The working circle did not swarmed in religiousness but worked on a solid basis of science, the TRUTH and the mutual trust. The content of the medial transmitted texts and messages are speaking for itself. Limit Sciences is not a religion but an objective TEACHINGS which is based on proved facts.
2. Psychic Working Circle In the 90th a group of interested people which wanted to proof the disputed connected contacts to spirit empire clearly and objectively have found together. The working circle, whose reports were published sporadically, developed original from a meditation group which began its medial activity first in October 1995. All ahead went the faith (as also on every other scientic research) that something could be made. The destination was to connect contacts to authorized TEACHERS OF THE LIGHT. Later the unchanged announcements should be passed to other interested people to form their own opinion. After 10 years of psychic working the Psychic Working Circle stopped working in October 2005. 193
3. Hermann Ilg The Badische Zeitung (A German Newspaper) called certified engineer and senior building expert Hermann Ilg from Reutlingen, "The most important UFO researcher of Southern Germany" in its edition number 155/8 from July 20th 1996. The article, taking up half a page of this newspaper, states amongst other things that: "He had the greatest aversion to unreliability". Hermann Ilg had both of his feet firmly planted in factual realism. He had studied civil engineering and was involved in the planning of roads, bridges and intersections. I have become accustomed to logical thinking trough this, said Ilg, who only believed what was absolutely provable. The backdrop of his UFO career was Ravensburg in Upper Swabia, where a close friend of his, a priest, observed six rapidly flying disks racing in the direction of Lake Constance from a window of his chapel. The clergyman ran against a wall of ignorance with his inquiries in those days. "An observatory told him that he was the victim of an optical illusion". This amateurism annoyed Ilg. He was also fortunate to have observed a UFO. He compared NASA, who searches space for extra-terrestrial life, listening for radio waves, to a "tribal chief" sitting in the jungle searching for other tribes with drum signals. When no reply is forthcoming, he assumes: We are alone in this world. This simplicity horrified the civil engineer.

The conference rooms were alway packed when a lecture by Ilg was announced. He had detailed knowledge about the art of space travel and the way of life of the SANTINER. Their UFO’S had to bridge a distance of 40 billion kilometres, more than 4.3 light-years. Thanks to their space technology, the flight is of short duration. It only takes a "thought impulse" to manoeuvre their huge cigar-shaped mother ships close to Earth. Ilg called this type of locomotion: "psycho-dynamics". The reception they received from our world was something that annoyed Ilg utterly. "They send interceptors to meet them and call them invaders!" Astronauts have known about the flying visits of the SANTINER for some time but NASA put a muzzle on them. (See "Zukunftsszenarien" by Karl Schnelting) The threat of withholding retirement benefits stopped many an insider from making the facts public. Making the true events known wouldn’t just upset one book, but whole bookshelves. The theological and political view of the world would collapse. Ilg chose his words carefully, as he knew too well that society isn’t mature enough for his message. "But once the geo-central view has been conquered" he said; "only infinity remains". But one doesn’t feel lost at all within this infinity, one feels uplifted by a "wonderful" FORCE: The universal VIBRATIONS of LOVE, which unite the cosmos.

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